Vibrational Essences FAQs


What are Vibrational Essences?

Flower, gem and environmental essences are a type of vibrational energy medicine. This means they work on an energetic, subtle level, connecting our bodies with the purest vibrational signature of the plant, tree, gem, animal, or environment which they hold. Vibrational essences are a deeply profound way of connecting with the natural world and the Elementals, and benefiting from their healing powers and support. They can be used to bring balance into all aspects of your life, ranging from physical symptoms to emotional issues. They can help to release old patterning, habits, behaviors, mental repetition, and deeply held beliefs that are no longer helpful. Although they work on an energetic level, they may also have physical effects. 


How are they made?

Vibrational essences are made by the practitioner holding an intention, with the permission and cooperation of the Green World ally (be it plant, gem, animal, environment), of co-creating an essence. For instance, to make a flower essence, a bowl of water is placed by the plant (or sometimes flowers from the plant are placed in the bowl) and this bowl is allowed to stand in sunlight for several hours. Then the flowers are carefully removed from the water, and the vibrationally-infused water is now preserved with alcohol, generally brandy. A great degree of reverence and cooperation on the part of the practitioner is needed for a pure vibrational essence. These cannot be mass-produced and maintain their effectiveness. Making a vibrational essence is one of the purest forms of connection and co-creation with our planet. 


Who can take them? 

Vibrational essences are safe for everyone to take, including babies, the elderly, and pets. They are often taken in a glass of water, but can also be used externally. They are not a homeopathic remedy, and can be taken with food. They have no interaction with other medication, supplements, food, or drink. Many essences are made with alcohol as a preservative. If you have an allergy or cannot ingest alcohol for other reasons, please contact the creator of the range that speaks to you. Many essence creators will make a dosage bottle for you with a different preservative.


How do I take my Vibrational Essence?

Dances With Dragons Vibrational Essences are of a stock dilution. This means that you can either take them as they are, following the instructions below, or you can make yourself a "dosage bottle" and then follow the instructions for use.

To make a dosage bottle:

You will need a dropper bottle, purified water and alcohol, for example brandy or vodka (ideally use an organic variety) as the preservative. If you don't want to use alcohol as your preservative, you may prefer to use apple cider vinegar or liquid glycerin. Fill the bottle one-quarter with the preservative, and three-quarters with water. Then add three-to-five drops of the stock essence. Close your dropper bottle, shake it, and you're all set!

Taking your essence:

Put one-to-five drops in a glass of water, at least once daily for about four weeks. If you feel you would like to take it more often during the day, do so. A larger dose in your glass of water does not mean "better" or "more of the essence" and is just a waste of your essence purchase. It would be more effective to take the recommended dose several times a day instead.

You may also wish to take one-to-five drops directly from the dropper into your mouth, without water. This will taste strongly of the preservative!

Do not allow the dropper to touch anything, especially if you are taking the essence directly into your mouth. This reduces the chance of bacteria getting into your bottle.


What can I expect when I begin taking a new essence?

You may feel some emotions come up when you take your essence, especially for the first few days. Be kind and supportive to yourself. Don’t take your essence right before you rush out to work. Give yourself the space you need. It will usually only be a few moments before these immediate emotions move through and you can get on with your day.  But allow yourself the sacred space you committed to with this adventure. Honour that. Above all, remember that anything, any emotion, any situation, that surfaces is a gift. It was something you were carrying, and was most likely never yours to carry in the first place. And it is time to drop that, and move in a different way. Great adventures await!

Where should I keep my essences?

Please store your essences in a safe, cool place, away from direct sunlight and electronics, i.e., NOT on top of the microwave. DO place it somewhere visible to you as you go about your daily routine, especially for the first few days, to help reinforce a daily reminder to take it.